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The 10th Man

Without 10 men (a Minyan), the Sacred Scrolls cannot be taken out of the ‘Holy Ark’.  Without the Sacred Scrolls, many prayers cannot be said, so only an abbreviated service takes place.

The most sacred day in the life of a practicing Jew, is The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Jews fast from an hour before sunset one day, to an hour after sunset the next day and the service is of the utmost importance. It is the main day when Jews think hard about their spiritual and personal wrongdoings and shortcomings and pray hard for forgiveness and guidance from G-d to be a ‘better’ Jew and person for at least another year.

The 10th Man, is about the purloining of a ‘10th’ man from Sandys Row Synagogue* in London, by 2 members of another Synagogue, to make their own 10th’ man, leaving Sandys Row one vital man short.

This is a brief heart warming film of the Yom Kippur miracle G-d created that day with many well known Jewish you will recognise.

*Sandys Row Synagogue, founded in 1854 is situated in Spitalfields which was once the heart of the Jewish East End.